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Lori Erickson at work. (Bob Sessions photo)

From a childhood on an Iowa farm, Lori Erickson grew up to travel the world searching for holy sites. She’s fascinated by the intersection between spirituality and travel. In addition to Near the Exit: Travels with the Not-So-Grim Reaper and Holy Rover: Journeys in Search of Mystery, Miracles, and God, she’s written several other travel-related books and more than a thousand articles for national and regional publications.

Lori is a member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the Midwest Travel Journalists Association. For more information about Lori and her work, visit her website Lori Erickson, subscribe to her newsletter, or follow her on Facebook.

Lori’s traveling companion and photographer is her husband, Bob Sessions. Bob is also a member of the Society of American Travel Writers. Follow him on Instagram at bob.sessions.

Bob Sessions, consort to the Holy Rover









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