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An Iowa Grandmother in Spain: June, 2024

With God’s Architect in Barcelona: May, 2024

The Soulful Power of Slow: April, 2024

The Sistine Chapel of Books: March, 2024

Spiritual Advice from a Rodent: February, 2024

A Chair of One’s Own: January, 2024

Stepping into Sacred Time, Guided by an Angel: December, 2023

On the Bank of the River: November, 2023

In Fine Feather: October, 2023

Happy Launch Day to Every Step Is Home: September 5, 2023

Every Step Is (Nearly) Home: September, 2023

In the Cathedral of the Bees: August, 2023

With the Druids on the Solstice: July, 2023

Go Where the Bread Is: June, 2023

Music for the Road (and for my New Book): May, 2023

Letting the Prince Speak First: April, 2023

Sacred Air and Migrating Angels: March, 2023

Into the Misty Woods: February, 2023

Noticing the Dragon in My Kitchen: January, 2023

A Christian, A Jungian, and A Buddhist Walk Into a Bar: December, 2022

To Forgive But Not Forget: November, 2022

Finding (and Losing) Ourselves in Art: October, 2022

With Anne on Prince Edward Island: September, 2022

In Chaco, Just Where I Needed to Be: August, 2022

For Better, For Worse, and For Weird: July, 2022

The Keepers of Stories: June, 2022

Holy Longing: May, 2022

Waking Up, Once Again: April, 2022

At the Volcano: March, 2022

Saints in the Doghouse: February, 2022

Happy 52 out of 4,000!: January, 2022

Dancing with the Northern Lights: December, 2021

Lessons From Water: November, 2021

Where the Buffalo Roam Once Again: October, 2021

The Uninvited Guest: September, 2021

Happy Launch Day for The Soul of the Family Tree: August 24, 2021

Waiting for the Baby: August, 2021

In the Cathedral of Trees: July, 2021

The Three-Step Process Everyone Should Know: June 2021

A Preview of My New Book The Soul of the Family Tree: May, 2021

Whatever It Is, It’s Solved by Walking: April, 2021

Bright Sadness and Sober Happiness: March, 2021

Breathing Our Way to the Sacred: February, 2021

The Gift of Silence: January, 2021

The Coziness Cure: December, 2020

In the Midst of Death, Gratitude: November, 2020

The Sacred Quarries of Minnesota: October, 2020

My New Friends the Stoics: September, 2020

The Great Serpent of Ohio: August, 2020

The Solace of Nature: July, 2020

The Web of Wyrd: June, 2020

After the Fire: May, 2020

All Shall Be Well: April, 2020

Windows Into Heaven: March, 2020

The Giants in the Forest: February, 2020

A Blessing from the Darkness: January, 2020

What We Can Learn from Waiting: December, 2019

What We Can Learn From Day of the Dead: November, 2019

The Gift of Restlessness: October, 2019

The Lessons of Autumn: September, 2019

Happy Release Day for Near the Exit!: August 13, 2019

A Preview of My New Book: August, 2019

Travel for Good: July, 2019

A Pilgrimage of Memory: June, 2019

The Joy of Imperfection: May, 2019

Join the Launch Team For My New Book: April, 2019

Life Lessons from Photos: March, 2019

The Light of Epiphany: February, 2019

The God Who Knits: January, 2019

A Voice in the Wilderness: December, 2018

Practicing Gratitude: November, 2018

A Sneak Peek at My New Book: October, 2018

The Zen of Photography: September, 2018

On the Viking Trail: August, 2018

Sacred Suffering: July, 2018

Unexpectedly Sacred: June, 2018

Privacy Updates (GDPR notification): May 24, 2018

Retreats: Soulful R & R: May, 2018

Feeding Body and Soul: April, 2018

Celebrating with St. Patrick: March, 2018

The Journey of Lent: February, 2018

The Art of Beginning Again: January 24, 2018

Travel Tips for Inner and Outer Journeys: January 9, 2018


Lori Erickson is one of America’s top travel writers specializing in spiritual journeys. She’s the author of books that include Holy RoverNear the ExitThe Soul of the Family Tree, and Every Step Is HomeHer website Spiritual Travels features holy sites around the world.

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