Touring Salem by Broom

Touring Salem by Broom–also known as Segways. (Lori Erickson photo)

A delightful way to explore Salem is on a historical tour offered by Witch City Segways. The high-tech gizmos are the next-best-thing-to-a-broom. Agile and easily maneuverable, they make it easy to zip through the city’s narrow lanes.

As you glide through the streets, guides tell stories from Salem’s past and share tidbits about its current residents, offering an entertaining and informative introduction to this seaside town.

I’ve done Segway tours in a number of cities, but this was by far my favorite. I think it was because our guide was so entertaining and the city so picturesque.

Even if you’ve never ridden a Segway before, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. It’s not hard once you get the hang of it. As I overheard my husband tell my son as he stepped on, “You can do it—even your mom can ride a Segway.”

You can board the Witch City Segways at 283 Derby Street.

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