Tre’r Ceiri: The Town of Giants in Wales

Tre’r Ceiri is one of the most spectacular and best-preserved Iron Age hill forts in Britain.

The curves of Tre’r Ceiri’s walls shelter more than 150 Iron Age huts. (photo by Lori Erickson)

High atop a dramatic promontory on the Llŷn Peninsula stands one of the best-preserved Iron Age hill forts in Britain: Tre’r Ceiri. Perched on the slope of Yr Eifl Mountain, the site is known in local lore as The Town of Giants.

Tre’r Ceiri was likely constructed during the late Iron Age (1200-550 BCE) and remained in use until the fourth century of the Christian Era. A second outer wall was built during the Roman Occupation period after 78 CE. At its height, the settlement’s roundhouses and huts housed as many as 400 people.

Today the fort’s dry-stone ramparts reach to nearly a dozen feet in places, with five entrances leading inside. Within are the remains of more than 150 huts, most circular in shape. Excavations here have revealed fragments of Roman pottery, showing that its inhabitants traded with the Romans.

You’ll want to linger at the top of Tre’r Ceiri to enjoy the expansive views. (photo by Lori Erickson)

From the parking lot, a 1.6-mile loop trail leads to the site. I speak from personal experience in saying that it’s worth the climb! In addition to the mysteries of the site itself, Tre’r Ceiri offers spectacular views of the Llŷn Peninsula.

So what about that name “The Town of Giants”? It probably indicates that locals in the area–the ones who came long after the fort was built–were so impressed by the size of the landmark that they concluded it might have been the residence of giants.

You likely won’t encounter giants at Tre’r Ceiri, but you will experience one of the most atmospheric and spectacular sites in Wales.

The view is also beautiful as you hike upwards to Tre’r Ceiri Hill Fort. (photo by Lori Erickson)

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The map below is to Yr Eifl, the mountain on which Tre’r Ceiri sits. For detailed hiking information see Tre’r Ceiri Hiking Trail.

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