Druid’s Circle in Wales

The Druid’s Circle is a ring of prehistoric stones located in a dramatic setting atop a coastal headland in northwest Wales.

This Neolithic circle of stones doesn’t have anything to do with the original Druids, but the setting is appealingly moody and mysterious nevertheless. (Photo by Lori Erickson)

It takes some trekking to get to it, but the Druid’s Circle is well worth the effort. This ring of about 30 stones is situated on a headland above the coastal town of Penmaenmawr in northwestern Wales. About 80 feet in diameter, it’s known in Welsh as Meini Hirion. (An alternative name for the site is the Cefn Coch Stone Circle.)

The Druid’s Circle is part of the North Wales Pilgrim’s Way, a 130-mile walking route. (photo by Lori Erickson)

Despite the Druid’s Circle name, the ancient Druids had nothing to do with its creation. Instead it was constructed in the Neolithic Period, which predates the Druids by about 2,000 years. It likely acquired the Druid’s Circle moniker sometime during the nineteenth-century revival of interest in Druidic traditions—no doubt because of its moody, windswept beauty.

On your visit, look for a stone with a small ledge that looks like it’s made for offerings. A local tradition says that babies placed on the ledge will have good luck throughout their lives.

The Druid’s Circle is reached by hiking across fields and through open meadows. (photo by Lori Erickson)

This prehistoric stone circle is reached by a hike that starts in the town of Penmaenmawr. The route leads up and up until you reach the circle, which has a spectacular view of the sea and surrounding hills. Take your time and enjoy the views!

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