Martin Luther Sites in Eisleben

Martin Luther was born and died in Eisleben. (Wikimedia Commons image)

Martin Luther is the most famous native of Eisleben (also called Lutherstadt Eisleben), a town founded more than a thousand years ago.

Luther was born here on November 10, 1483 and died here on February 18, 1546 while on a visit to do family business. The city has been a pilgrimage destination since the seventeenth century.

Eisleben Sites

Luther Birthplace:  This museum was a place for pilgrims as early as the seventeenth century. Now a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, it contains a permanent exhibition on Luther’s life and work, focusing on his early years in the town.

Luther’s Sterbehaus:  Also a World Cultural Heritage Site, this building is Luther’s last residence and holds an exhibition exploring his life in Eisleben as well as his ideas on death and dying.

Church of St. Peter and Paul:  Luther was baptized in this church on November 11, 1483. You can see some of the remains of the font in the middle of the chancel.

Church of St. Andrew:  Luther gave his last sermons in this church, and it was here that his funeral service took place.

Reformation and Martin’s Festival:  A festival celebrating Martin Luther’s birthday is held each year from October 31 to November 11.

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