The Grace in Dying

You might say that the topic of death is hot these days. Many people are questioning the standard Western practices surrounding death, which too often occurs after medical interventions that prolong […] Read More

Two Great Mysteries

Life is a luminous pause between two great mysteries, which themselves are one. Carl Jung Share This!

Visions of Heaven

A most interesting article recently appeared in Newsweek Magazine. Heaven Is Real: A Doctor’s Experience With the Afterlife is written by Dr. Eben Alexander, a […] Read More

The Lessons of Cemeteries

Today’s post is my monthly column for the Episcopal News Service: While the Church honors its dead on All Saints Day in November, the national […] Read More

El Dia de Muertos

Today is All Saints Day in the Christian liturgical calendar. In the Episcopal Church, the day is marked with a stately and solemn eucharist and […] Read More

Learning from Mortality

Amid the deluge of news coverage after Steve Jobs’ death, most interesting to me were the clips played from a commencement speech he delivered at […] Read More

Places in the Pew

You may recognize part of today’s post, which grew out of some ruminations I wrote last month after visiting the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies […] Read More