8 Top Spiritual Sites in America

Today’s post is an article of mine that was recently published by the PBS-affiliated website Next Avenue.  8 Top Spiritual Sites in America: Refresh your soul at these sacred destinations by […] Read More

The Grace in Dying

You might say that the topic of death is hot these days. Many people are questioning the standard Western practices surrounding death, which too often occurs after medical interventions that prolong suffering, prohibit people from coming […] Read More

Of Good Shepherds and Sheep

Oops! Mistakes happen. This blog is being transferred to a new home at Spiritual Travels, and for some reason this triggered an email alert. This is an old post—but new material […] Read More

At Machu Picchu, Where the Veil is Thin

The ancient Celts of Ireland described holy sites as “thin places” where the veil between heaven and earth is transparent. In exploring spiritual destinations around the world, I’ve never come across a […] Read More