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With the Mennonites (and the Eisenhowers) in Kansas

One of the religious groups I’ve always admired are the Mennonites. Though small in number, they have an influence far greater than their size would suggest. After a natural disaster, for example, they are often the first to arrive to … Continue reading

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Touring Amish Country in Indiana

Today’s post–the final in this series–is meant for people who hope to visit northern Indiana in person and not just via The Holy Rover blog. Here are some suggestions to help you plan a trip to this rural area where … Continue reading

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Learning from the Mennonites

Not long ago a friend told me about a neighbor who was unexpectedly generous in helping her with a volunteer project, even recruiting her husband to assist. “They’re Mennonite—maybe that has something to do with it,” my friend said. After … Continue reading

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The Fancy Amish

Part Two of Among the Amish in Indiana: I live near a sizable Amish community near Kalona, Iowa, so I thought I knew quite a bit about Amish life. In Indiana, however, I learned that Amish culture is much more … Continue reading

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